jeudi 27 décembre 2012


If I would have to define WCF I would say that it's the generalization of every know service or communication technology between a client application and a server application.

Considering the Web services for an illustration WCF overcomes its constraints or limitation to provide a broader or more general service technology

    • Web services work only over HTTP, when with WCF communication can happen over HTTP, IPC, MSMQ or TCP
    • Web Services are hosted by a web server such as Apache or IIS and are stateless HTTP request - response kind of communication whereas WCF services can be hosted by a web server, a windows service or even self hosted.
    • ...

WCF basics

In order to use a WCF service we should be able to answer the following questions about WCF basics:
  • Where is the WCF service located?
  • How can a client access the service?
  • What operations can the client perform with that service?
These are the ABCs of WCF, that means the questions about Adress, Binding and Contract.

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